After her parents die of cholera, ten-year-old Mary Lennox is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. A rude, spoiled, and sickly child, Mary initially hates her new home. However, the discovery of a secret garden proves to be just the distraction Mary needs to shake off her sourness, come alive again, and befriend a mysterious secret inhabitant of her uncle’s house.

This edition is part of the Puffin Classics collection, which we have chosen because it contains many of the books we read in Challenge, allowing for easy storage on your bookshelf with a clean, uncluttered look. Also, where possible, we strive to obtain copies produced for the British audience, and the Puffin classics fulfil that objective. 

Note: Many classic books are available for free on an e-reader such as the Amazon Kindle. Although this can be a great way to read the classics, we still encourage families to purchase a physical copy. The smell of paper, flipping through the sheets, scribbling notes in the margin, underlining, and highlighting allow you and your student to develop a much closer connection to the content, enriching your experience. As an added bonus, discussing the book in seminar is much easier when all the students have the same physical copy with identical pagination. 

 Recommended in Program(s): Challenge A
Cycle(s): n/a


What families are saying:

"Challenge A parents, last year I had such a powerful experience reading the Secret Garden with my 7th grade boy.... This year I am revisiting it with my daughter who is now in challenge A and I can't help but feel that is such a perfectly placed read in our schedule.... This narrative's approach to taking control over what we let ourselves think on is such a great conversation to have with our middle schoolers." — Leslie, Deeper Still



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