Challenge IV

What is great leadership?

Challenge IV is a rare jewel in our day. Challenge IV students sink their teeth into ancient writings of Homer, Virgil, and Hesiod, as well as modern writings of Lewis, Zacharias, and Leithart. They study the history of time, nature, and society through The Discoverers and the history of ancient Israel through the Old Testament. They translate The Aeneid from Latin into English through Henle, while translating creation into number through maths and physics. Students read some of the past’s greatest writers, as well as contemporary works; they create, consider, and converse; debate, discuss, and digest the good, the true, and the beautiful. Challenge IV crowns the Challenge years by contemplating duty, honour, and leadership across the ages and into our own day.


Please note: We do not have any Challenge IV communities registered for the 2021-2022 academic year. Although we aim to stock all the products needed for CC programmes, we have to bear in mind storage, interest, and time, and as such currently do not have any stock for Challenge IV. If you would like to purchase a Challenge IV resources, please contact us HERE, including the title(s) you wish to buy.