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Welcome to the UK Bookshop

We are thrilled to bring all the wonderful Classical Conversations resources to you! No more lenghtly shipping waits or customs delays. Just a staightforward, easy process to let you find the resources that you are going to love.

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Our annual catalog is your guide to Classical Conversations, and is now updated for families outside the USA. Find encouraging words from veteran home educators, informative articles from the CC team, and, perhaps most importantly, the resource list for the 2021-2022 academice year. Please note that the resource lists do not contain images or pricing: that's what this Bookshop website is for!


A quick notice

Although we have tried very hard to have all stock with us for our launch, some orders are still outstanding. Some of our Essentials resources, for example, are not yet with us. Nevertheless, they and much more are on the way! Keep an eye out for more products!