The Math Map Complex is the resource that will be used to unify the math conversation on Community Day in Challenge A. This will allow for a common, shared language and rich discussion each week during the Logic strand. At home, this curriculum will allow you to nurture the habits of a mathematician in your student. And, above all, together, you and your student will learn to see the unseen in God’s good creation through mathematics. 

The Math Map contains everything that you need to home educate the classical way.

Presented in lightweight, consumable, and portable weekly booklets, each manageable lesson plan also includes:

  • lesson pages;
  • solutions to every problem;
  • reference charts;
  • art, conversation starters, and games for fun.

Furthermore, Classical Conversations members will receive online support through CC Connected in the form of The Math Map Companion, which is an instruction manual for the whole family and includes worked example problems, additional explanations, glossary, audio glossary, videos, and more.

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