This complete writing curriculum teaches the student how to overcome the three challenges all writers face: coming up with something to say, arranging ideas properly, and finding the right words. Through a strategic return to classical Greek and Roman (and consequently medieval and Renaissance) thought patterns, this curriculum will transform your students’ ability to think, read, write, and communicate.

Please Note: A Student's Workbook must be purchased for each student who will use the program. One Student Workbook is included in this set. Per copyright rules, worksheets may not be photocopied.

 Recommended in Program(s): Challenge A, Challenge B, Challenge I
Cycle(s): n/a


What families are saying:

"Lost Tools of Writing trains writers in the canon of Invention, gets students personally invested in their communication, and gives them experience making judgments of virtue. I love Lost Tools for Writing for these reasons. But more than these, this classical writing program forms a habit of thoughtfulness and inquiry, as students learn to dig deeply into an issue rather than to make hasty judgments." —Ruth Holleran, Writers Circle



Circe Institute

Publication date:

Fifth edition, 2015


352 pages (teacher's guide), 148 pages (student book)


930 g


8.5 x 11 in.


Softcover, spiral bound (2 books), streaming video subscription



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