This book includes 38 lessons on common logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, presenting them in the context in which they are often found: arguments at home, political debates, marketing, and more. It is self-teaching, meaning no other resources are needed. Using short chapters, clear examples, a touch of humour, and interesting exercises, The Fallacy Detective helps even reluctant scholars to enjoy learning how to identify fallacies.

What families are saying:

"I have heard moms rave about the Fallacy Detective and how even their younger children could learn from it. One student stated they liked this book because it was a fun way to learn about logic and how to detect fallacies so common in our world." —Sylvia
 Recommended in Program(s): Challenge A
Cycle(s): n/a




Christian Logic

Publication date:

4 April 2015

Number of pages:

260 pages, 60 illustrations


484 g


190 x 234 x 18 (mm)


Paperback / soft back



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