This two-day seminar on DVD will prepare you to explore literature intelligently with your children. By using short stories as models, Adam systematically prepares you to study character, plot, theme, and other literary tools used by authors to communicate their message. Skills gained through this program will allow you then to study any piece of literature.

Do you need the DVDs? Yes! Although the workbook is quite readable, it is the seminar on DVD that shows you how to apply the elements described in the text to literature. Your students can join you in watching the seminar, and then you can continue to practice, first on short stories before applying it all to full-length novels.

 Recommended in Program(s): Essentials, Challenge A, Challenge B, Challenge I, Challenge II, Challenge III, Challenge IV
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Center for Lit

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119 + 8 DVDs


930 g


8.5 x 11 in.


Spiral bound book, 8 DVDs



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