Scribblers at Home is a classical, Christian resource created to give families confidence as they begin the home education journey with their young children, offering a developmentally appropriate blueprint for acquiring the skills of learning while intentionally enjoying a family rhythm of reading, exploring, conversing, and playing.

Scribblers at Home begins by acknowledging that a parent’s first priority is growing a virtuous human, one who r and loves God and His world. A classical education that s with Scribblers contributes to this growth by passing on the tools of learning, mastering a core of knowledge, and p the skills that make it possible to treat words and ideas with confidence and other people with grace, mercy, and respect. Scribblers at Home helps families cultivate a family atmosphere that seeks the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Scribblers at Home presents education as an opportunity for families to know God more fully by exploring His Word and His world together daily. The resource provides foundational learning activities that equip families to know God and to make Him known winsomely to others.

Scribblers at Home is designed to foster the family as a community of learning; the activities are for families to enjoy together at home, not within a formal community setting.

  • Encouragement to create a family rhythm of spending time together daily praying, playing, reading, exploring, and serving.
  • Activities can be scaled to include older siblings in the fun and learning.
  • Charts give parents the big picture of where the Scribblers skills are leading.
  • Hospitable to all as the activities embrace all learning modalities.
  • Gentle reminder that play is the work of childhood, and that littles learn by example, involvement, imagination, and freedom to explore.
  • Permission is given to play, to wander, to be silly, to just enjoy being together; building relationships is the first order in the education of your children.

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What families are saying:

"Scribblers makes learning so tangible, especially for new-to-classical-education families; it is a great at-home resource! It provides a springboard for learning and talking to your kids; it provides a good starting point. I felt like it encourages flexible thinking and creativity.” – Rebekah
My first reaction with this curriculum was, 'Oh, here's the glue—here's where it all comes together.' And from having a four-year-old I can know upfront what is the goal, what is the purpose.” – Carrie



Classical Conversations MultiMedia

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