Classical Conversations endorses Saxon maths as a complete maths curriculum. No curriculum is ever perfect, but Saxon has the history and statistics to prove that it can take a home educated student through Algebra II and even beyond without the guidance of an expert maths teacher.

Saxon math programs produce confident students who are not only able to correctly compute, but also to apply concepts to new situations. These materials gently develop concepts, and the practice of those concepts is extended over a considerable period of time. This is called "incremental development and continual review." Material is introduced in easily understandable pieces (increments), allowing students to grasp one facet of a concept before the next one is introduced. Both facets are then practiced together until another one is introduced. This feature is combined with continual review in every lesson throughout the year. Topics are never dropped but are increased in complexity and practiced every day, providing the time required for concepts to become totally familiar.

Math 6/5 expands on Math 5/4 with more advanced lessons on divisibility, integers, prime and composite numbers, powers, roots, and probability. Math 6/5 is made up of five instructional components: Warm up Activities including Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving; Daily Lesson; Lesson Practice; Cumulative Practice; and Cumulative Tests. The new edition includes: word problems, geometry and measurement, order of operations, integers, powers and roots, divisibility concepts, prime and composite, numbers, ratios, patterns and sequences, and statistics and probability. The Homeschool Kit includes the student textbook, a tests and worksheets booklet, and a solutions manual.

Note: Math 6/5 is recommended for 5th graders, or 6th graders needing review. This equates to students in Year 6, or students in Year 7 needing review.

 Recommended in Program(s): Foundations, Essentials
Cycle(s): n/a



 Target age group:

10-11 years


Saxon Publishers

Publication date: 

01 April 2004


2.6 kgs


279.4 x 215.9 x 61 mm





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