CC OPINION: The classical method of Latin studies includes a persistent student, a dictionary, a lexicon (grammar rule book) and some passages to practice translating. Cassell's Latin Dictionary used to be our recommended Latin Dictionary, but as the Latin curriculum has been revised, UK students have found the Oxford Latin Dictionary more helpful due to an expanded vocabulary. CC Tutors help Foundations families memorise Latin words, Latin word endings and Vulgate Bible passages. In the Challenge programme, students continue to memorise Latin words, endings and passages as they practise translating sections of the Vulgate.

This edition of the Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary offers essential coverage of Latin words and grammar, as well as extra information on Roman history and culture. It takes account of the latest research into Latin, and is designed specifically to fit the needs of today's student. It covers over 45,000 words and phrases, including additions from the writings of Plautus and Terence, and from the study of Silver Latin.

Common irregular verb parts are given asheadwords for greater clarity, and boxed notes provide help with language usage, and with difficult words and constructions. There are appendices on historical, mythological, and geographical names; money, dates, times, weights and measures; plus poetic metre and medieval Latin. With a timeline of important dates, and biographies on Roman writers, this edition is packed with interesting and essential information on Roman history and culture.

Also with pronunciation help and a guide to Latin grammar, this compact and affordable dictionary is a necessity for all students and adult learners of Latin.

 Recommended in Program(s): All Challenge Programmes
Cycle(s): n/a



Oxford University Press

Publication date:

2 June 2005

Number of pages:

496, with numerous maps


430 g


195 x 134 x 36 (mm)





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