Melodies for All of Us celebrates and studies what makes music beautiful and rational, mathematically neat and divinely creative. Through both at-home and in-community components, students not only build skills such as reading and analysing music, but also learn how to listen to peers, pick up cues, build on previous knowledge, and give grace - to themselves and others. They will learn to play melodies, read music, identify time and key signatures, understand scales, and more. 

Designed as a bridge between the rudimentary tin whistle skills of Foundations, and future studies of harmony, Melodies will meet its student where he is and show him the next step in loving music. This bridge effectively crosses the chasm between the concrete and the abstract; students can always link a theory offered to actual music played; very few concepts are taught that do not come directly from the songs. 

 Recommended in Program(s): Challenge A
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Classical Conversations MultiMedia

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8.5 x 11 in.


Softcover, spiral bound, consumable


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