The fun and lively songs included in this 3-disc music CD audio set make weekly and subject memory work entertaining and enjoyable. CC families in the UK currently use the United States Curriculum, as most of the information is identical. Please contact your director for more information regarding changes made for the UK. Updated for the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition!

 Recommended in Program(s): Foundations
Cycle(s): Cycle 2


Track listing for Foundations Audio CD's Cycle 2:

Weekly CD

  • Track 1-24: Weekly Memory Work Order: Math, Latin, Science, English, Timeline, History, Geography
  • Track 25: Presidents Song (vocal only)

Subject CD

  • Track 1-24: Math
  • Track 25-30: Latin
  • Track 31-32: Science
  • Track 33-34: English
  • Track 35: Timeline
  • Track 36: Presidents Song (vocal only)
  • Track 37-60: History
  • Track 61-62: Geography
  • Track 63: Classical Conversations Vision and Credits

Timeline and More CD

  • Songs - By the Ages (with age dates and millennia)
  • Track 1: Age of Ancient Empires
  • Track 2: The Middle Ages
  • Track 3- Age of Exploration, Age of Absolute Monarchs, Age of Enlightenment
  • Track 4: Age of Industry
  • Track 5: Age of Information and Globalization
  • Track 6: All Ages (entire song)
  • Track 7: All Ages (narration)
  • Track 8: Presidents Song (vocal only)
  • Track 9: Orchestra Song
  • Track 10: Books of the Bible (Old Testament)
  • Track 11: Books of the Bible (New Testament)
  • Track 12: Presidents Song (with guitar)
  • Track 13: Classical Conversations Vision and Credits


What families are saying:

"And for those days when we are feeling like a taxi, the audio cd playing in the car is a life saver! We've done school if we've heard our memory work. Woo hoo!" — Sylvia



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