Spark your child’s imagination with a collection of stories and poems from long ago and far, far away. Perfect for morning time during Cycle 2.

Copper Lodge Library: Old World Echoes is a rich resource that includes one to two stories and one poem each week for 24 weeks of Foundations. The reading is designed to take no more than 30 minutes each day. Stories correspond with the Cycle 2 geography, featuring stories from England, France, Germany, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and more.

These stories were compiled and edited by Jennifer Courtney, a homeschool mom for over 15 years who graduated with a degree in English and loves reading aloud with her own children.

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 Recommended in Program(s): Scribblers
Cycle(s): Cycle 2



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Jennifer Courtney ProfileWhen Jennifer (JCour to differentiate her from the dozen other Jennifers employed by Classical Conversations) commits to something, she jumps in with both feet, whether it is writing a book, baking or working in the nursery at church. She is committed with a capital C! Jennifer and her husband, Tim, live in Edmond, Oklahoma. They have four children, two of whom have already graduated from Challenge IV, one in Challenge II and one in Foundations and Essentials.

Jennifer has been involved with CC since 2005 and is the Global Curriculum Director for Classical Conversations MultiMedia (CCMM) Content Development Team. CCMM is Classical Conversations’ publishing company. She leads a team of curriculum developers that produces books and assignment guides for CC’s programs from Scribblers to Challenge IV and makes sure that CC’s materials are classical, Christian and usable in community. Jennifer has also served as content development manager, parent education director, communications director, writer, state manager, Challenge II and III director, and Foundations & Essentials Director over the years.

Jennifer majored in English and minored in French at Oklahoma State University where she graduated summa cum laude with an honors degree in 1994. She is currently working to complete her master’s degree in English. Jennifer is also a certified CiRCE master teacher.

One of her favorite projects at CC has been designing and developing the award-winning Echoes series of family read-alouds that includes Ancient World Echoes, Old World Echoes, and New World Echoes. She is also the co-author of Classical Christian Education Made Approachable.

In her spare time Jennifer loves to read, especially 19th-century British novels. She also adores cooking, baking, and food in general. She loves to crochet, needlepoint, counted-cross stitch and scrapbooking. As a child she loved Charles Dickens so much that she used to carry a hardback copy of his stories to kindergarten!

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