Now with even more great content! This beautifully illustrated 36-card set brings the accomplishments of some of the greatest scientific minds in history to life. Every card front displays the name of the scientist and the dates of his or her life, plus a beautiful memory peg image and the discovery or invention for which he or she is best known. The back of each card includes a description of the scientist's life and work, a world map pinpointing his or her country of origin, and a general timeline illustrating when the scientist worked relative to known history. 

 Recommended in Program(s): Foundations, Challenge A, Challenge B, Challenge II
Cycle(s): n/a


What families are saying:

"I splurged and bought both the famous scientists cards as well as the famous artists and composers this year and they are fantastic. We pull them out so often when our non CC curriculum mentions one. Today my daughter's science book did a lesson on Louis Pasteur and she was able to do a small report on him with just her science book and her famous scientist card. Love CC's resources...they go with everything!! If you've been holding off buying them...they are awesome!!" — Emily, Facebook




Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Publication date:

Second edition, 2018

Number of cards:



5 x 8 in. 



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