Each superb 15-card set will give students of all ages a new appreciation for some of the art and music world’s most gifted artists and composers.  Every card front displays the name of the artist or composer and the dates of his or her life, plus a beautiful memory peg image and a smaller image of the artist. The back of each card includes a description of the artist’s life and work, a world map pinpointing his or her country of origin, and a general timeline illustrating when the artist worked relative to known history. 

Made to last throughout your home educating years, these heavyweight 5" x 8" cards are already laminated and have rounded corners to reduce wear from frequent handling.


 Recommended in Program(s): Foundations, Challenge II
Cycle(s): Cycle 1 (Set 1), Cycle 2 (Set 2), Cycle 3 (Set 3)



Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Publication date:

2014 (Set 1), 2015 (Set 2), 2013 (Set 3)

Number of cards per set:



5 x 8 in. 




Set 1:

1. Art & Music in Scripture
2. Art & Music of Greece and Rome
3. Art & Music of the Middle Ages
4. Art & Music of the Renaissance
5. Giotto *studied in Cy1
6. Ghiberti *studied in Cy1
7. van Eyck
8. Fra Angelico *studied in Cy1
9. da Vinci
10. Durer *studied in Cy1
11. Michelangelo *studied in Cy1
12. El Greco *studied in Cy1
13. Bach *studied in Cy1
14. Handel *studied in Cy1
15. Mozart *studied in Cy1

Set 2:

16. Rembrandt *studied in Cy2
17. Vermeer
18. Gainsborough *studied in Cy2
19. Haydn
20. Peale
21. Beethoven *studied in Cy2
22. Audubon
23. Cole
24. Millet
25. Brahms *studied in Cy2
26. Degas *studied in Cy2
27. Homer
28. Monet *studied in Cy2
29. Dvorak *studied in Cy2
30. Morisot *studied in Cy2

Set 3:

31. Tchaikovsky *studied in Cy3
32. Renoir
33. Gauguin
34. van Gogh **studied in Cy2 with other European artists
35. Grandma Moses *studied in Cy3
36. Debussy *studied in Cy3
37. Wright
38. Picasso *studied in Cy3
39. Stravinsky *studied in Cy3
40. O'Keeffe *studied in Cy3
41. Rockwell *studied in Cy3
42. Copland
43. Wyeth *studied in Cy3
44. Lichtenstein *studied in Cy3
45. Voices in Postmodern Art


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