Discovering and naming relationships is central to human thinking and communication. Studying analogies gives students tools to become better thinkers and better communicators. This book includes a full semester of basic analogies instruction and practice, as well as opportunities for students to create figures of speech associated with each analogy lesson. This book is an unprecedented integration of thinking skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, poetry appreciation, and story-telling.

Self-teaching, meaning no other resources are needed, it is intended for children and parents to use together. Structured according to the rhythms of the Challenge A seminar, one day of each week contains instruction in analogies followed by four days practicing what was learned together in the Challenge A seminar.

 Recommended in Program(s): Challenge A
Cycle(s): n/a


What families are saying:

"The kids loved the idiom exordium today where they took turns acting out or drawing the phrases to see if the group could guess." — Rebecca Seo, 2018 pilot program
"I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this pilot of the new Analogies book. The curriculum not only helps to take what our students already do naturally and define it, it is a wonderful way to integrate our many strands and to develop common topic understanding - especially of comparison. The students enjoy the work and they also appreciate that it is an ‘easier’ part of their at-home work." — Kirsty Gilpin, 2018 pilot program

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