On the Road

Part of the Classical Conversations Bookshop offering is that we bring the Bookshop to local Practicums and other CC events around the country. This time (usually in the summer) can be pretty busy for us with all the travelling, and orders will take a little longer. 

If you see the 'On the Road' banner on the website, know that we are journeying to a CC event, hopefully near you! A full list of these events will be posted here over the next few days. 

While we are out, you can still browse and we can still receive orders, but we will not fulfil and deliver them until our return. This supersedes the regular 5 business day fulfilment promise. 

If you need to place or receive an order while we are away, please contact sdekock@classicalconversations.com or janine.bell@classicalconversations.com.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you soon!


The CC Bookshop team