This engaging, simple, and fun DVD follows the lessons in Song School Latin. The DVD's twenty-four episodes (one for every non-review chapter) feature a lively magistra and magister who narrate the vocabulary practice, simple grammar lessons, and derivative training. Intended for use with the Song School Latin Book 1 and CD. Review lessons are not included on the DVDs.

 Recommended in Program(s): Scribblers
Cycle(s): n/a

What families are saying:

"The DVD series is a dynamic addition (actually a necessity, in my opinion) for the program. It fully explains each lesson concept with mini lectures (which can be understood fully on a child’s level but doesn’t dumb down the material in any way) and short animated skits with Simeon the Monkey. There’s also an animated derivative 'river' which helps children learn how Latin influences other languages today." — Demetria, Hip Homeschool Moms



Classical Academic Press

Publication date:

1 June 2012


2-DVD Set



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